Advanced Strength & Conditioning Program #1 Stability and Muscle Mass

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Advanced Strength & Conditioning Program #1

Stability and Muscle Mass

The stability and anatomical adaptation program is designed for the athlete who is willing to put in the extra work to get bigger, faster and stronger by investing in one month of re-stabilising all muscles and joints, pre-habing and rehabilitating previous injuries/constraints and shaping your body for the season of competitive sport that is about to approach you.

I will help you maximise your opportunity to remain on the field as much as possible with this program, so longevity in the game is of utmost importance. Physically you must look after your body, but also mentally, and emotionally. 

In more detail this program helps decrease bilateral muscle imbalances, increase integrity of joint stabilising structures and improve muscle endurance/proprioception. You will also have increased lean muscle mass and have improved in all areas of core strength lifts which is vital for you to remain on the field. Technique is paramount at the highest level!

Goals: 4 Week Hypertrophy Muscle Gainer and Stability Program

Difficulty: 8 week – 3 day a week Strength and Power Training Program - General to Specific

Duration: 4 weeks 

Workout time: 1 hour sessions in first 4 weeks of training over five training days.

The workouts are setup like this: 

Day 1: Deep System Integration (DSI) + Functional Core Stability + Full Body Unilateral Strength/Stability

Day 2: Shoulder Stability/Mobility + Heavy Upper Body Hypertrophy/Endurance + Light Conditioning

Day 3: Gluteus Medius and abdominal Activation + Mobility

Day 4: Deep System Integration (DSI) + Functional Core Stability Day + Workout (Fundamental lifts + Shoulder muscular adaptation)

Day 5: Core Strength/Stability + Full Body Muscular Adaptation/Hypertophy

The first week of training is an introduction week to “feel out” the exercises, set and rep scheme and volume of training to follow. So, it is crucial to go through each training session in week 1 at a fairly moderate effort and serve as a d-load so to speak for every 3-4 week training bock you do. This aids maximum recovery and to peak at the right times. Don’t go ultra-hard or push the weights. Just ease into it. 

From there increase your effort and intensity gradually over the next several weeks. With every set gradually increase the weight using the step training method and please record your weights in your phone or notepad. The last 2-3 sets must be at maximum effort required. Try to make progress whenever possible by adding weight or reps but never at the expense of textbook technique. And never on days when you’re not feeling great. 

I have included specific warm-ups to be done for the matching training day. You can certainly feel free to do way more than that if you’d like and feel. There’s nothing wrong with adding an extra 10-15 minutes of foam rolling, mobility and few rounds on the watt bike or rower if that makes you feel better. 

If you choose to add more stuff to your warm-up, finish with what I’ve listed here. In other words, do all the other soft tissue work and mobility drills before what I have listed. If you prefer a quick, simple workout and do enough mobility work on your own, then my warm-up should suffice.