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High Performance SASS Academy

S.A.S.S Academy Jersey - Limited Edition (Pink)

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Immerse yourself in the S.A.S.S Academy Team spirit by acquiring our Limited Edition High Performance S.A.S.S Academy Pink Training Jersey! More than just a jersey, it's a symbol of our commitment to personal, athlete and skill development, fostering the next generation of Australian athletes, crafted with care and rich in cultural symbolism. 

Discover the epitome of style and comfort as this jersey is designed with meticulous attention to detail. Crafted from premium quality fabric, this multicultural jersey not only embodies the essence of our academy's values and ethos but it boasts a stylish design that is sure to turn heads.

Enjoy a comfortable fit all day long, whether you are out out on the field with us training, hitting the gym or simply lounging. Join our all inclusive S.A.S.S Academy program and celebrate diversity, unity, and the journey of personal, athlete and skill development both on and off the field.

Beach Rugby S.A.S.S Academy Highlights

  • Isabella Narain with James Ambrosini at the Rugby S.A.S.S Training Session

    Isabella Narain

    South Coast and South East Queensland Touch Football Female Player

    Thank you for this morning, I really enjoyed it and pushed hard. I always enjoy my training sessions with you. Lucky it didn’t rain that much until the end. Mum and Dad also say thank you.

  • Zaine Gurney with James Ambrosini at the Rugby S.A.S.S Training Session

    Zaine Gurney

    12-year-old Griffith University and Miami High School Rugby Union Player

    It’s been an absolute pleasure, James. Zaine is loving the training and looking forward to the Rugby SASS Training Program all the time!

  • Leka Mahe with James Ambrosini at the Rugby S.A.S.S Training Session

    Leka Mahe

    12 year old New Zealand Māori Under 12 Touch Representative Team and St Francis Rugby League Player

    Thanks as always, James. Leka loves training with you and there are no complaints getting him up early to train! Leka will train out of his skin for you and will be there no matter the weather.