QUESTION #1: What services do High Performance S.A.S.S Academy provide?

(1) S.A.S.S Weekly Training Program 

(2) S.A.S.S School Holiday Training Program 

(3) S.A.S.S Online Training Program 

All 3 main services have frequently asked questions that have been asked by parents and athletes over the past years. 

QUESTION #2: What do the S.A.S.S Weekly, S.A.S.S School Holiday & S.A.S.S Online Training Programs cover?




QUESTION #3: What activities are covered in the High Performance S.A.S.S Academy School Holiday Program?




QUESTION #4: Is joining the High Performance S.A.S.S Academy Programs right for me?



QUESTION #5: What skills will my child learn at High Performance S.A.S.S Academy Programs?




QUESTION #6: Who are the S.A.S.S Coaching Staff? 




QUESTION #7: Will I get to keep the S.A.S.S Squad Training/Playing Kit (jersey and shorts)?



QUESTION #8: When are the High Performance S.A.S.S Academy School Holiday Camps held?

Over the school holidays - the dates of up coming courses will be revealed on the website under S.A.S.S camps (drop down menu and promoted on the home page as well as the @hpsassacademy instagram). 


QUESTION #9: Where does the High Performance S.A.S.S Academy School Holiday Course take place?

We hold courses over the whole of South East QLD (Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast. If you wish for your child to attend please email us your expression of interest and location and we will seek the possibility to hold a camp at a venue near you. We also have online training coming in 2023 so stay tuned for that.