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High Performance S.A.S.S Academy

4 Week Tackling & Contact Confidence Masterclass Program - Gold Coast Eagles Rugby Union Club

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🌟 Unleash Your Tackling & Confidence in Contact with the S.A.S.S Academy Tackling & Contact Confidence Masterclass Program! 🌟

Prepare to dominate both attack and defence like never before with our invigorating 4-Week Tackling & Contact Confidence Masterclass Program! Tailored exclusively for male and female rugby league and rugby union athletes, our program is meticulously crafted to instil confidence and trust in your ability to execute dominant, impactful tackles and breakthrough the defensive line with precision.

Program Highlights:
πŸ—“οΈ **Dates:** Monday morning - May 27th, June 3rd, 10th, & 27th and Friday morning - May 31st, June 7th, 14th, & 21st
⏰ **Time:** 6:45 am - 7:45 am
πŸ‘§ **Age Group:** 8 to 16 years (Grouped by age & skill level: Foundation: 8-9 years, Junior Development: 10-11 years, Senior Advanced: 12-13 years, Elite Pathways: 14-16 years)
🏟️ **Location:** Gold Coast Eagles Rugby Club - 65 Brighton Parade, Southport, QLD 4215
πŸ’° **Price:** A mere $200 investment for the entire month allows athletes to attend as many sessions as they wish across all different programs throughout the week - including Athlete Development, Kicking, Speed, Agility & Ball Skills, Tackling & Contact Confidence, and Hooker Throw & Front Row (Rugby Union) Programs.

Weekly Focus:
✨ **Week 1:** Mastering Low Body Dominant Tackles, Tracking with Below and On Ball Tackles, and Ball Running Pre-Contact
✨ **Week 2:** Perfecting 45 Degree and Front-on Dominant Absorb Tackles with Ball Running and Offload Post-Contact
✨ **Week 3:** Engaging in Defence and Attack Game Specific Scenarios - Focusing on Ball/Body/Blade Contact with Grappling/Groundwork
✨ **Week 4:** Integrating Different Decision-Making Processes in Defense and Attack Strategies

🌟 Why Choose the S.A.S.S Academy Tackling & Contact Confidence Masterclass Program? 🌟
✨ **Elite Coaching:** Receive top-notch instruction on defence for rugby league and union from our experienced coaches.
✨ **Strategic Coaching Cues:** Learn essential techniques for optimal performance in contact situations.
✨ **Expert Guidance:** Benefit from personalised coaching led by former international professional rugby player James Ambrosini and our seasoned S.A.S.S Coaches.

πŸ“ How to Register:

1. Secure your spot in our dynamic S.A.S.S program by purchasing this program.
2. Receive your registration form via email within 15 minutes.
3. Complete and submit the form.
4. You're now enrolled in S.A.S.S Academy! Get ready to embark on an exciting journey toward athletic and skill excellence!

πŸ“£ Important Notes:
- **Bundle Discounts:** Registering multiple family members? Utilise code "2DEPENDANTS" for 2 dependents and "3DEPENDANTS" for 3 dependents to unlock bundle discounts.
- **What to Bring:** Athletes should bring a water bottle, mouthguard, and rugby boots. Headgear and shoulder pads are optional.

πŸ‘• **S.A.S.S. Academy Uniform:** Enhance your S.A.S.S. experience with our stylish uniform! While not mandatory, we recommend grabbing a limited edition S.A.S.S Jersey and Shorts to complete your look. Purchase the program, fill out the registration form, then go to the two links below to purchase your S.A.S.S Academy Jersey & Shorts and the athlete will receive the uniform prior to start date of the program:

πŸ‘• *S.A.S.S. Academy Jersey:* []

πŸ‘• *S.A.S.S. Academy Shorts:* []

Join us for an unparalleled learning experience and kickstart your path to success by building confidence in contact today!Β 

Size guide

Fitness Components

Speed, agility, strength (power, fitness, balance and coordination), skills and mindset training.

Skill Components

FUNdamentals – Catching, passing, kicking, tackling, games and more.

Program Inclusions

> Rugby League, Union, Touch Football Skill Development Training for 6-16 year olds of all ages and abilities.

> Mindset training, goals & intention setting.

> Positive self-talk, imagery and visualisation techniques.

> Breathwork training, nutrition guidance and recovery protocols.

> Team Building and Cultural Development.

> Constructive feedback/analysis, self and coach evaluation on each individual athlete’s performance - rugby & physical skill traits.

> The S.A.S.S Training Uniform is not included in this program price.

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High Performance SASS Academy Playing Kit Jersey

The meaning behind our jersey

James wants the youth generations of today to appreciate the original custodians of this land. He aspires that we acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, the Traditional Custodians of this land, with deep respect. And may the Elders, past and present, be blessed and honoured.

With this is mind, The JASPA Rugby S.A.S.S Jersey was developed. Learn more about the origins of this artwork and why Aboriginal cultural and practical sessions are integral training pillars within our camps.

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  • Isabella Narain

    B Side Touch Team to U/15 Queensland & Australian Representative.

    "Thank you very much for S.A.S.S training, I really love being pushed to my limits and at S.A.S.S I know I am going to work hard. I always enjoy my training sessions with James and his team."

  • Finn Stephenson

    Currumbin Alleygators and The Southport School 14 A Team.

    "It’s been an absolute pleasure to train with James and his team of expert coaches. Finn is loving the training, mentoring the mini SASS Athlete's and looks forward to the Rugby League / Union / Touch Football S.A.S.S Training School Holiday Program all the time!"

  • Leka Mahe

    B Side Rugby League Team to U/12 Queensland Touch Representative.

    "Leka loves training with James and their are no complaints getting him up early to train! Leka will train out of his skin for you and will be there no matter the weather."